SC / ST Committee

SC / ST Committee

Objectives of SC/ST Cell:

  • To guide students of the SC/ST category of NPRCET, to avail the benefits of the various schemes floated by the Government and UGC.
  • To promote equality and social justice for SC/ST students.
  • To monitor the SC/ST students in enhancing their academic performance.
  • To assist the SC/ST students in optimizing their development in their personal and social lives.
  • To help the SC/ST students integrate with the mainstream of the university community and remove difficulties they may be experiencing.

Role of SC/ST Cell:

  • At NPRCET, SC/ST students are motivated to achieve higher qualifications by providing online resources for preparing for GATE and competitive examinations.
  • SC/ST students are encouraged to obtain foreign and recognized university certification programs through MOOCs.


  • To ensure that at least two meetings per semester are executed.
  • To identify current schemes and information that benefited SC/ST students.
  • To make all members aware of the current scheme and information and ask them to inform student representatives.
  • To follow up on whether members delivered the current scheme and information to student representatives.


  • To communicate the identified information among students of the respective department.
  • To conduct meetings effectively.
  • To follow up on whether identified information is percolated among the other SC/ST students by student representatives.
  • To maintain the register of minutes of meetings.

Students Representative:

  • To attend the meeting regularly and positively.
  • To percolate the information discussed in meetings among other SC/ST students of the respective department.
  • To inform members regarding any benefited students related to percolated information.
  • To discuss issues (if any) related to academics.

SC/ST Committee Members

S. No. Name Designation / Department Role
1 Dr.B.Maruthu Kannan PRINCIPAL Chairman
2 Mr.K.Jayaprakasam AP/ECE  Co-ordinator
3 Dr.A.Kanimozhi ASP/MATHS Faculty Member
4 Dr.A.Hemalatha HOD /CIVIL
5 Dr.S.Prakash ASP/EEE
6 Mr.P.Manivel Pandian AP/CSE
7 Mr.M.Prakash AP/MECH
8 Ms.R.Santhini IV ECE Student Representative
9 Mr.P.Anandan Alaguvel IV CIVIL
10 Ms.S.Laara Dolly III EEE
11 Mr.B.Karthik III MECH
12 Mr.K.Kabilash IV CSE
13 Ms.R.Subha Sri II CSE
14 Mr.P.Paveen Raj II IT
15 Mr.D.Mano Balaji II AI&DS
16 Mr.S.Meganathan II MBA
17 Ms.U.Kavinaya Shri I CSE A
18 Ms.M.Durga Sri I ECE


Minutes of Meetings