Industry-Institution Interaction Cell (IIIC)

Industry-Institution Interaction Cell (IIIC)

 Industry-Institution Interaction Cell - IIIC

The essential interdependence between the industry and educational institutions cannot be overstated. Acknowledging the significance of cultivating a strong link between our institute and the corporate realm, the Industry Institution Interaction Cell (IIIC) was established in our institution. Serving as a crucial platform, this cell, provides an invaluable opportunity for both students and faculty to understand the industries expectations from graduates. The IIIC operates as a dynamic forum, enabling and showcasing of best practices and  latest technologies in the industry, acting as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and its practical implementation.

Furthermore, the IIIC proactively invites industry experts to actively participate in curriculum design and career development programs. This engagement plays a crucial role in honing the skill sets of students, aligning them with the ever-evolving expectations of the industry. Striving to enhance our academic standards on the global knowledge index, faculty members are extensively exposed to the industrial environment. This exposure not only enhances the teaching-learning process but also enables the institution to nurture high-caliber students, thereby contributing to the generation of quality graduates.


  • Exploring and identifying prevalent channels for engaging with the industry.
  • Establishing a Center of Excellence in collaboration with industry/corporate partners to offer real-time exposure to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Cultivating research initiatives among both faculty members and students.
  • Forming strategic partnerships with industrial and research organizations across various domains through the formalization of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) to enhance interactive collaborations.

Roles of Industry-Institute Interaction Cell:

  • To organize workshop on trending technologies by experts in the field.
  • To assist the departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries.
  • Encouraging Engineers from industries to visit institution to deliver lectures
  • To organize industrial visits for faculty members and students.
  • To coordinate/ identify industrial partners for proposing ‘Centre of Excellence’.
  • To assist the Training and Placement Division.
  • To arrange visit of industry executives and practicing engineers to the institute for to do research work and laboratories.
  • To sign Memorandum of Understanding between the institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.
  • To arrange visits of faculty to industry for study and discussions or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest to form research group.
  • To arrange visiting faculty from industries.
  • Practical training of students in industries.

Constitution of the Cell

S. No. Name of the Faculty Designation/ Department Role
1 Mr.G.Sundararajan AP - MECH Coordinator
2 Mr.K. Aruna Senthil Kumar AP - MECH Member
3 Dr.S.M.Vijayarajan AP - ECE Member
4 Mr. P. T. J.K. Lilian AP - MBA Member
5 Mr.C.Vijayakumar AP - CIVIL Member
6 Mr.R. Venkatesh Kumar AP - EEE Member
7 Mr.P.Manivel Pandian AP - CSE Member
8 Mr.V.Vijayanarayanan AP - PHYSICS Member