Institution Profile

Institution Profile

At NPR, we believe that given the right push, guidance, and infrastructure, every student can reach beyond himself to become a super achiever! That is why, right from reception, this group of institutions has added more and more facilities for excellence to flower not just in education but in all walks of life.

In sports, we offer one of the biggest cricketing lawns and coaching among universities. We have dedicated labs for every subject stream, be it in engineering, polytechnic, or the arts. NPR takes pride in saying that its computer student ratio is one of the best in India.

Offering the right guidance is another key factor for excellence. We invite some of the best science, and technology people to come and give lectures. Each student is empowered with soft skills in presentation and language to become an all-round personality. Continuous guidance is offered at every level of learning. Mostly, we believe discipline itself is a great teacher and we build this in every student. By the time our students leave, they know that they can achieve anything they want and that they can make others believe in that too!

NPR Group of Institutions

Today, NPR Group of institutions offers education streams in technology, engineering, and of course science, commerce, and the arts. A unique sports college completes the circle of knowledge that NPR provides for the young seeking mind.

The NPR group of institutions is situated at Natham, 27kms from Dindigul and 35kms from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Step inside, and your eyes will take in a vast vista, over a hundred acres, of lush greenery amidst which are 4 colleges.